Big Data

Strategies for Database Management

It is witnessed that in this world of innovation and technologies, database management is continuously being reshaped by various new and improved practices that have altered the previous landscape of the domain. This is elucidated by the change in acquisition of data by techniques such as automation, Al, and cloud computing.

As a consequence of this, there are a plethora of new and innovative challenges as well as opportunities in the path of different database professionals around the world. In the contemporary era, the teams designed for database management are actually tasked with managing a larger databases with bigger and more variety, on both cloud and premises as well.

Simultaneously, the corporations in the world are now striving to achieve greater effectiveness and efficacy, as well as flexibility and scalability in order to support their new generation applications and to assist the derivation of the overall digital transformation.

Recently, there was a webinar that took place which was held with the senior product marketing manager of Couchbase, Tyler Mitchell. Other joining in were the director of product marketing at Delphix, Dhiraj Sehgal. The meeting became the center of attention because these personalities then discussed the different strategies that can be used today by various database professionals around the world.

Furthermore, across all the corporations in the world, different systems are actually fueling the interactions and becoming more interactive than ever before. Corporations are providing people with various services such as E- Commerce, Internet of Things, and Supply Chain.

However, with such facilities, there are also some mammoth challenges which are architectural in nature that include the scale fail, database sprawl, and the multi-cloud manageability as well.

Different solutions have been recommended by corporations. For instance, the Couchbase database recommends a solution that has the potential to offer strategic availability, containerized databases, and integrate the workloads.

The corporations who are considered to be successful actually have a very rapid speed of innovation and the previous techniques to focus on data actually contained a melange of manual processes and systems. The recent and innovative technique is to create a comprehensive DataOps platform which is used to streamline the various operations and unlock the overall cloud value.

According to the product manager, corporations such as Delphix transform hybrid applications through:

  • Offering non-disruptive, efficient data migration
  • Provision of data environments conducive to space efficiency.
  • Allowing the hybrid cloud dev/test with the on-demand data
  • Masking cloud data
  • Offering very convenient portability across the clouds

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